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"Let your principles be few and fundamental." -- Marcus Aurelius

"Let your principles be few and fun." -- Phillip M. Feldman   [OK. I don't really believe that.]

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Personal News Items

8 April 2014: Ellen R. Feldman—my daughter—received the University of Southern California's Emma Josephine Bradley Bovard Award for academic excellence. (In the current graduating class, Ellen is the only Electrical Engineering major with a perfect 4.0 GPA). "Ellen Feldman is a USC Trustee Scholar with an electrical engineering major and a mathematics minor. She has conducted research in engineering labs at USC, Johns Hopkins, and the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, studying topics spanning signal processing and robotics. In her spare time, Ellen is active in leadership at USC Hillel and plays the piano. She will begin Ph.D. studies in electrical engineering this fall [at the California Institute of Technology, where her brother Michael is currently an undergraduate]."

1 April 2014: Ellen R. Feldman has been awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship by the National Science Foundation.

29 March 2014: Aaron O. Feldman and Jordan S. Feldman (two of my younger brother's sons) were awarded prizes at the Los Angeles County Science Fair:

16 April 2013: Aaron O. Feldman—one of my nephews—was awarded First Place in the California State Science Fair's Mathematics and Software Junior Division. His project is called Saving Lives One Swimmer at a Time, and is an image processing system that can automatically detect that a swimmer is drowning.

9 March 2013: Michael J. Feldman—my son—has been admitted as an undergraduate to the California Institute of Technology, otherwise known as Caltech (or, in some circles, as the Bing Bang Theory school). "Dear Michael, ... The staff and faculty on the Admissions Committee see in you not only an accomplished student, but also a person with the passion and creativity to pursue mathematics, science, and engineering at the highest level".


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